Islamic [or sharia] law is not God’s law. It is the law of Islamic bigots that violates human rights, lacks common sense, prohibits the exercise of conscience and free will, and does not have the consent of the people of an enlightened state.         
           It is represented by the marble Cuboid Structure in the courtyard of the Great Mosque at Mecca. Legend states, the cornerstone was set in place by Muhammad, which was believe to be from a meteorite, representing a law from heaven [or divine]. It is called the Black Stone, representing a black [or satanic] version of the law.  During the hajj—pilgrims circumambulate it seven times, representing trying to understand the Islamic law. Seven times,  represent until it registers with their seven senses, the seventh [conscience]. A cube stone represents a perfect law: fair on all six sides: male, female, carnal, and divine: the fifth side: government: the sixth side, sex. It is covered with a black silk cloth embroidered with a band of Quranic test and the Declaration of Faith in gold threads, representing the Islamic version of the perfect law (i.e., sharia); obviously, it is not fair on all sides. During the tawaf Muslim men from all over the world push and shove to kiss it, which makes it an idol of Islam.
​     Part of the hajj—throwing seven stones each at three pillars of the Devil, represents using your seven senses to determine and attack with facts what is false or evil with the laws [or beliefs] of men: physically, mentally, and spiritually.   
         The imperfection here:  sharia law prohibits free speech: you can criticize other religions, but not Islam or Mohammad.
      Mohammad is not the last prophet of God. There are hundreds of more divinely enlightenment men, since the 7th century.   
​        The exclusivity of Islam is erroneous. 
​        Islam lacks the doctrine of Incarnation present in Hinduism and Christianity.   
      The Koran is inspired; but, not totally correct. It is a despotic form of religion [submission or hellfire]. No other choice.     
        That is the message of these imams on TV.   
         Merkel is proof, a woman should not be Head of State--by her refusal to support the war against IS --in the air or on the ground: IS is the religious opposite of Nazism—or evil.    
     President Obama is right—it is a criminal state and should be destroyed. It steals people’s property, commits rapes, abductions, executions, and enforces people to convert to Islam or be killed. It doles out punishment [or lashes] for violations of the sharia law:  lack of hijab, drinking,  gambling, etc. The people live in fear of  punishment, if, they exercise their conscience and freewill. It spreads its influence by jihad. Jihadists are willing to die—believing they will go straight to paradise and get 72 wives [virgins].   
     That was a lie found in the Hadith, not the Koran, to spread Islam. The way of God is licit: moral. Parts of Islamic law are not.   
          I will mention a few as we go......      
      Jesus never carried a AK 47 slung over his shoulders—forcing Christianity on the Jews, Gentiles—or people of the world.   
         Islam is hostile to everything not Islam. 
​       The Muhammad, the Prophet, is not a historical person----he is the Gloried Name of a historical person; like, men, who become Movie Stars: they change their names. Their roles in moves are like the legends of Muhammad.  His demonic enlightenment in a cave on the side of a mountain is allegorical—not historical.             The Koran is not the infallible word of God.   
         It laws do not fit the modern world.   
         Yes, it is the inspired word of  God—but not perfect.  
         It has good and bad parts.   
          No single religion is the exclusive path to God. 
         Proof that the life of Muhammad is a fabrication: he is credited with the miracle of splitting the moon. Now, that is not physical. It represents he split the soul of the world into two parts: the Muslims and infidels.    
         Allah is a name of God, but not the only name. In fact, he has hundreds of names: representing his different attributes. Those attributes or powers are represented by the different gods and goddesses.
         Islam has different names of Allah—but no images.    
         Islam does not recognize these gods and goddesses: it is a narrow minded and nasty form of religion, unless it opens up to the truth of its deficiencies and defects. 
​         No religious book written in the 7th century is completely correct or complete in it enlightenment --and that is true of the Old Testament.   
    This is a sign of the Total  Light:  ○.   This is the amount of light revealed by the Koran:  ○.  And it is not perfect.   
        Its doctrine is the cause of holy wars—the  commission of hundreds of human rights violations [or crimes committed in the name of Allah].    
         The Koran, the Hadiths,  and the biographies of Muhammad are the main sources of Islam, the religion of Muslims.  
         The Koran: the primary book of Islam. 
      The Hadiths are a collection of the oral teachings and practices of Muhammad including the Sunnah written in the 8th or 9th century--after the death of the Prophet. They are more likely the teachings and practices of his disciples—ascribed to Muhammad, to give them divine authority. 
          Not all are good. One says, “Do not initiate the greeting of salaam to a Jew or a Christian.”   
​          Some are fair, some corrupt.
        The Divine Books of the 21st century are more reliable and luminous.  
        That Age is just beginning. 
         The One God—contains the dyad, triad, tetrad, etc. That is denied by Islam. He has no partners [division of powers].       
       Sen. Robert Taft was right: religion should be taught in churches, not public schools. They have transcendental and allegorical contents.   
          Only, sat-priest understands them.   
         Not all Christian ministers are correct—either, they appoint themselves as teachers and misinterpret the sacred books.     
           The Bible is a collection of sacred books, not all literal.     
          The Hajj, one pillar of Islam, pilgrims follow the path of Abraham , which has five parts: the last, the Udhiya [animal sacrifice]. However, It does not fulfill the divine law, because it is a ritual [or symbolic}.          
          Islam lacks the principle of the New Birth.     
        Islam teaches Muhammad, the Prophet, has a right to be obeyed by his followers: that is wrong: the divine Law is not compulsory.     
          Islam teaches God has no partners. That is also false. He created the gods and goddesses, representing his different powers.       
          The Ten Sephiroth; for example, is a breakdown of his powers: Islam would reject this as partners. It says: Allah has no partners.   
        That is wrong: His Son, gods, angels, and men are his partners to carry out the Great Work [i.e., of human salvation].   
​       Muslims worship an unjust God—Allah: they claim life is a test: to determine whether you choose the Islamic way of life; then, in the afterlife-- that determines your good or bad future for eternity. That is cruel and unjust. Obviously, people don’t have same opportunities and abilities to learn and practice these creeds and rules; furthermore, eternal damnation for a short life of rejecting the rules of Islam is grossly unjust. God is just: Libra is one of the principles of His Sun.
       Islam lacks the Hindu doctrine of reincarnation.     
       That was revealed by Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita.     
       It was taught by Buddha, the Enlightened One.   
      The Koran is one version of the Divine Truth. Parts are good, but parts are bad. 
       Here are some of the bad parts:     
       Qur’an: 9:5 - “Fight and kill the disbelievers wherever you find them, take them captive, harass them,lie in wait and ambush them using every stratagem of war.”     
       Qur’an: 8:39 - “Fight them until all opposition ends and all submit to Allah."    
                •  The unbelievers are stupid; urge the Muslims to fight them (8:65).    
                •  Make war on the infidels living in your neighborhood (9:123).       
               •   Do not hanker for peace with the infidels; behead them when you catch them (47:4).                                         •   Muslims must not take the infidels as friends (3:28).       
               •   Terrorize and behead those who believe in scriptures other than the Qur’an (8:12).      
                •   Kill the Jews and the Christians if they do not convert to Islam or refuse to pay Jizya [tax] (9"29.
                •   Any religion other than Islam is not acceptable (3:85).      
​         These verses  clearly show the Koran is the root of jihad in the world. However, having said that: it also is undergoing Reformation, like Christianity. 
          The Koran also has numerous biblical errors, which means the author may have not have read it—or able to—and relied on oral or written stories in Arabic.
           He says: Jesus was not crucified.   
           That is a key part of the higher law.   
         Muhammad was a prophet of God—but, not the last—or the most perfect. His life has been fabricated by the founders of Islam after the Koran was written--not historical—or mixture of some facts and Legend. Here is the proof: they say, Muhammad traveled with the angel Gabriel on a winged steed from Mecca to the spot, where Abraham was to sacrifice his son: here he ascended to heaven and spoke with Moses, Abraham, and Jesus. This is not historical. What it means: Muhammad also got his inspiration from the Torah and the Gospels.      
      Later, a Caliph named: Abd al-Malik, who had military control of this region,  built the Dome of the Rock on this spot.     
     One pillar of Islam: prayer facing the Kaaba in Mecca, which means: Muslims should align themselves with Islam—not Judaism and Christianity.   
       One reason: Judaism was for the Jews.     
​       The Koran was for the Arabs written in Arabic: it included tenets of the Old and New Testament; but, a modified  version.       
       Muhammad believed Jesus was a man, the same as Abraham, Moses, and the prophets. That is gross.              He was  blind to the Transfiguration: not man.     
     The truth of the matter: it is an inferior revelation to book of Exodus: the cabalistic meaning of the Tabernacle, is superior to anything in the Koran, which Muhammad did not understand: he took the Book—literally.   
       Yes, an inspired man wrote the Koran, but, the way it was written and the facts of Muhammad’s life were fabricated:  the purpose: to put him on the level of Jesus, Moses, and the prophets.  There is one mistake here: not Jesus.     
         Like Moses, he was not a historical person.
         It is said, he had 11 to 14 wives:
        Names of his wives:           
        Khadijah bint Khuwaylid, his first wife, represents he married for wealth. She was the mother of his two sons: Qasim ibn Muhammad and Abd-Allah, who died in infancy, representing political and religious power is not transmitted from father to son.     
       His wife, Maria al-Qibtiyya, gave birth to a third son, named Ibrahim ibn Muhammad that also died young, representing: divinity is not transmitted by father to son.   
       His wife, Sawda bint Zamʿa, who had 5 or 6 sons from a previous marriage, represents the Messenger [or angel] of God was married to the soul of a physical man whose knowledge came from the  five or six senses.     
           Aisha bint abi Bakr,  represents he married to have sexual relations with a female he loved.   
       His wife, Fatima al-Aliya bint Zabyan al-Dahhak, represents the right to divorce for reasons of  infidelity, interest [or desire] conflict. 
      His wife, Mulayka bint Kaab, represents the right to divorce for reasons of  political [or religious] irreconcilable differences.  
         His wife, Maymuna bint al-Harth, represents he gave his soul or primal energy to Allah: based on desire, not coercion. Muhammad changed her name from Barra to Maymuna: meaning:  Blessed.   
             His wife, Salam bint Umaya, represents the soul of man survives death.      
        His concubines, represents the rights of unmarried sex. 
        Refused proposal:   
       Safiyah bint Bashshama, represents the women’s right to refuse marriage based on tribal traditions and marry for happiness, instead.  
        The four daughters of Muhammad:     
          Zainab, represents the soul of the prophet was illuminated by the self-inner eye.   
        Ruqayya and Umm Kulthum, represents the soul of the prophet was illuminate by the two outer [or physical] eyes.   
       Fatima, represents the soul of Muhammad was divinely Illuminated.  
     Muhammad, the Prophet, died at the age of 62, representing not time to become totally [or 100%] enlightenment,     
         The problem here: not all legends are true. 
        Some biographies maybe false.   
        Anybody, can create a legend—or movie.   
​       The biographies of Mohammad were written by advanced thinkers after the death of Mohammad in the 8th, 9th  and 10th century to address problems not addressed in the Koran, but, they are not historical. 
        Today’s TV Imams or Islamic teachers knock and detest the Christmas and Easter holidays, which shows, it is hateful and bigoted religion. The reason for the detestation: their originations are pagan; therefore, Muslims are forbidden to participate.  Al-Lat is the feminine form of Allah, a pagan moon goddess.   
       These are semi-pagan-religious holidays.  
       Everything secular should not be despised.   
      Islamic teachers: claim Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world: one, reason, in Muslim countries: the Bible is banned.   
      That is diabolical: closing the door to other versions of the divine truth—created by God: to more fully enlighten the world.   
        Islam is a religion of truth and errors.
       Whether, fact or legend, it is said: Mohammad killed 600 to 900 Jews in Medina, who refused to convert to Islam —or fought against Islam; because, it was an oppressive religion (i.e., violated their rights).   
       This story has some support in the Koran:  
        Other errors of sharia law:       
​          Apostasy is not a criminal act. 
         Blasphemy is not a criminal act.
         Adultery is not a criminal act.
          But, torture and murder committed by sharia law are.    
​         One law in the Koran [5:37] has troubled me for a long time: the cutting off of the hand for theft, after long and deep deliberation: this is my opinion: One man pays the price for many, because of its severity of punishment, preventing hundreds or thousands of thefts. However, I don’t agree with the law under any circumstances.  There are more humane means of dealing with this crime: jail, fines, repayment, etc.  One principle of the Sun, Libra, the scales, punishment must equal the crime: a hand is worth far more than anything you can steal; therefore, this is an unjust punishment and has no place in the civilized world.                    Islam is the religion—of conversion by force--that violates the principle of freewill: God’s gift to man and his Light [Son] to use it.     
          Most of the terrorism in the world—can be blamed on Islam; although, is evolving: changing its colors—saying it the religion of peace.   
      But, the murders committed in Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Egypt, Nigeria, Libya, the Sudan, Indonesian, Bangladesh, Turkey, India, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, the Philippines, and other places: shows it is a despotic religion. There is a dichotomy between what it preaches in the mosque—and what it does outside in the world.     
      Where ever Islam is practice: there are abuses of human rights and in countries where Muslims emigrate: there are acts of terror.     
​     They openly preach peace—and secretly commits acts of terrorism—the attempt to create an Islamic State.     
       Islam must openly condemn this doctrine.   
      Then, there will be peace in the world.     
     According to various biographies, whether fact or legend: Muhammad became a religious‑political autocrat in Mecca: it is the bases for today’s Caliphates, ruled by a Caliph, who claim they are descendants of Muhammad.   
      That is false: his three sons died in infancy.   
      The schism between Shia and Sunni is:  who should become their supreme religious and political leader: by descent or most qualified.       
       The answer:  since, there is no historical father-son transmission of political and religious power by Muhammad, therefore the Sunni is right—if, elected by the people as Head of State, but not in matters of faith.  
        That requires a separate Leader [or Leaders].  
       Today’s supreme religious leaders of Islam demand obedience from their followers on both levels. That is a violation of human rights.   
       The divine law is not compulsory.       
      Islam violates the principle of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The real purpose of life: not a one-time-Faith-Test, whether you believe in Allah and Muhammad, his Prophet, with eternal consequences.       That was a religious lie—to scare man to act right before he became capable of discerning right and wrong—for himself.      
      It is based on hate—everything—not sanctioned by Islam—that has made rules for all behavior:  religious and secular.   
​       Islam has rules [laws] for everything: Hallal [things permissible] and Haraam [things forbidden]. 
        These rules are passé, and in some cases: irrational and impractical, and the source of feeling guilty —for something that is not wrong.   
       Islamic rules: implant a false conscience.   
​       The  holy and carnal spirit of man are both right with some limitations: both sides have extremists. 
        Religious beliefs—or rules should be practice on the self—not enforced on others: violating their right of self-determination.   
     Islam—as practiced in the world—does that.   
    The world is too diverse—to make a rule—for every circumstance: modern technological education is necessary for careers.    
      Some rules of Islam are inhuman and passé.   
      If, every woman wore a burqa, it would be a dismal world. Millions of jobs would be lost in the garment and fashion industry.    
     In the 7th century Arabia, it may have been justified: to protect women form molestation, rape or abduction. It was a semi-barbaric place:  a large area sparsely populated: there were no laws, police, courts, or jails. The Koran states 33:38, “tell your wives to wrap their outer garments closely around them, for this makes it more likely will be recognized (i.e., as not sexy] and not be harassed.”   
      The world has changed since, then. 
       In most cities of the world women are safe. There is no need to be covered in a burly sack and hijab and have a male attendant.       
        God gave man seven senses to determine what is good and evil. In Islam, imams determine what is good and bad for you. They are so-called oral teachings and practices of Muhammad. 
        They have a rule for every step. 
    Hereditary theocracies and monarchies are both wrong in the modern world or New Age of Enlightenment.  However, there may be some exceptions until people get it together. Democracies don’t always work.       
      Every man [or woman] is endowed by God—to be able to choose between good and evil (i.e., homo sapiens).  
       Men who commit bestial acts are not homo sapiens.   
        They are put in cages [jails]—or put to death.     
​     The story in the Garden of Eden in the book of Genesis: is a big Old Testament error: you, want the knowledge of good and evil.   
        At the time, it was considered Babel.
       Today, the knowledge of good and evil—is quite reliable. It has been purified by science, research, study, and experimentation. 
       That was lacking in the beginning.  
       Based on the story in Genesis: Eve is blamed for the fall of man—or the original sin--and is the bases for Muslims to treat women with suspicious, sometimes hatred and held in bondage by laws and tradition: not given equal rights.    
​      Secondly, because, Genesis states Eve was created from the rib of Adam:  in Islam she is treated as a secondary [or inferior] creation: man’s helpmate or servant. 
        The Koran does not even mention Eve—but, Adam 25 times. 
      This is wrong: God created Eve from Adam’s rib has an allegorical meaning: from the same principle of life.  
      Thirdly, Adam and Eve represent the physical body and subjective inner self [or soul] of man containing the growing tree of the knowledge of good and evil. The serpent, represents the inner life-force. The apple, represents  desire  that comes from man's soul.
​         In Islam, the Koran and the Hadiths are the main guides for everything in life, which is ridiculous. Men of the 7th, 8th  and  9th  century are telling you what is right and wrong. At the time: it had justification; because, imams were literate—and the people not.   
     Today, up-to-date secular and religious education is essential for successful living. The Koran and the Hadiths do not contain that information. 
       Unfortunately, it is taught in the schoolroom.     
      That is brain washing children.     
      There is no evidence in the Koran, Muhammad understood the divine law of the Virgin Birth. He denied Jesus was the Son of God.   
      That is a key part of the New Testament.    
​      In fact, there is no evidence he read the Old Testament written in Hebrew—his education may have been oral or written stories in Arabic.    
    It was impossible for Muhammad to become a biblical scholar; because, there were no translations available at the time.   
       I don’t think he was able to read Hebrew and Aramaic. 
       Islam lacks the doctrine of the Trinity—it teaches God remains on it throne in heaven. Muhammad had no knowledge of the ten avatars of Vishnu; therefore, he was not perfectly illuminated.   
      The Koran states: “'He [God] begets not (i.e., does not have a Son).”  Why? It says, he has not taken a wife.       That is dumb:
Shamesh is a sun god.
​                      Zoroaster is a sun god.
                      Apollo is a sun god.
                      Aten is a sun god.
                      Vishnu is a sun god.
                    Christ is a sun god. Revelation 1:16 --"his countenance was as the sun shineth in his full strength."
                      And,  God is the Creator: has Father-Mother powers within himself   
      Neither, did Muhammad understand hieroglyphics, the holy picture words of Pharaohs, who are the same as a Mahdi.   
​       Muhammad thought they were Tyrants.


                                 BY Obadiah

​                             Latest edit: 4/16/16

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     Islam believes the carnal man— should be killed—if, he doesn't convert.  ​         
      Islam is a bigoted—narrow minded—oppressive religion—written in Arabic,  that needs to be more inclusive and evolve. That is the commandment of Mohammad. But, it can’t evolve—if, Muhammad is believed to be last and final prophet. It is stuck in the dark ages of scientific and spiritual enlightenment.  
       Muslims put the Koran on the top shelf, representing: they think it is the top or highest Book of divine revelation. Having read all sacred books, I put in it on the shelf near the bottom—or a D grade sacred book.
      It is no better than the education and divine enlightenment of the original author, which was incomplete, meant for a certain age, people, and region. 
       Islam appeals to men; because, it allows them to keep their wives as sex-slaves and servants in their house. They can’t leave unless accompanied by a male guardian covered in a burqa. This is part of the Islamic dress code.  
      In the Koran surah [4:33]: men are given legal right over women—or their wives and they are to provide for their needs. Now, read it carefully: if, they rebel—it says: “smack them. If, they obey seek no other way against them.”     
   That is passé and why men love Islam.   
      Muslims [men] fight against equal rights.
They refuse to advance into the 21 century: they want to keep old laws in place. They want domination over women, the right to have four wives.
The Islamic law is not foursquare: men and women do not have equal rights: to work, get an education, marry, inherit property, etc.   
  A second reason: it is not foursquare: infidels, Jews, Christians, and Muslims do not have equal rights under Islamic [or sharia] law.
    It is said, Muhammad, when he entered the Kaaba at Mecca, he destroyed 360 idols, representing all physical images based on the days of the year of the old calendar or 360 degrees of a circle. That is ignorance; because, [sacred] physical images represent attributes of God, that are otherwise invisible. The cube-like granite House at the center surrounded by four walls built-like a colonnade, itself, is a physical representation of the principles of the Islamic law based on the Koran and Hadiths. If, you walk through the colonnades, you will these principles in these holy books.  

                                                                    ORIGINAL IMAGE
 Today, the mosques  are a some what sterile place:  they contain no images and sculptures. That is based on what Muhammad--did.       
 It has only—teachings by words—based; mostly, on the Qur’an.    
       Christ teaches by words and images. 
       Monotheism is no more right than polytheism: both shine a different light on the nature of God. But, in Islam: you must believe in Allah, the one God,  and  Muhammad, His Prophet-- or you are non-Muslim —or a stupid person.    
     In the Koran—a polytheist—is a kafir.     
   Here is the difference:     
   Monotheism:  there is one God with different names in different religions of the world: Brahman,  Lord, Allah, Jehovah, The Tao, Absolute Spirit, Providence, Ahura Mazda, Ein Sof, Waheguru, etc.    
      Polytheism: the gods and goddess are attributes [or powers] of the one God.    
      This should not be the cause of holy wars.      
     Early in history, idols were physical representations of what ancient people believed, some were mistakenly worshiped as God.    
      Maybe, Muhammad had this in mind.
        Maybe, he thought they were pagan.     
    Pagan does not mean false—just early.   
      Pagan or modern, the destruction of the images of and temples of other religion is a crime. Today, Islam is guilty of that. It has closed its eye—to anything not Islamic. There are no images in the Koran or the mosques.    
     To educate—just by the utterances of Muhammad—is insufficient.  Images, emblems, and diagrams are worth a thousand words. 
      It also should be noted: Muhammad did it on the grounds of the mosque: today, Islam destroys these images outside the Mosque.   
​      Islam is a part Good -- part Bad religion; because of omissions, perversions, and inaccuracies. I heard these Islamic exegetes on TV—argue: there is no Trinity.   
  There is no evidence in Koran that Muhammad had any enlightenment beyond the Old and New Testament—and it was partial.  
         There is no evidence in the Koran that Muhammad—or the real author understood the significance of the two sons of Abraham: Ishmael, first son by Abraham and Hagar, and Isaac, the second son by Abraham and Sarah. 
       Jews claim to be descents of Isaac. 
       Arabs claim to be descents of Ishmael.   
  In Genesis 21:16-19, it says, Hagar and Ishmael, her son, ran out of water and food in the wilderness of Beersheba,  representing a state of  need. God heard the boy crying and an angel appeared  and said to Hagar: "Arise, lift up the lad, and hold in thine hand; for I will make him a great nation."  There a well sprung up in the desert, representing-- keeping Ishmael alive was a necessary part of the scheme of God.  Ishmael and his progeny,  represent humans who did not practice the divine law.  They make and practice human laws (or rules).  
              There are different versions of this story: 
                            1.  The lad, kicked the sand…. 
                            2.  The angel, Gabriel, kicked the sand…   
                           3.  God opened Hagar’s eyes and she saw a well…  
         The historical meaning is not true.     
   The cabalistic meaning is true.        
   It says Genesis: 21: 14-15: Hagar left her son under a bush in the desert, representing the knowledge that God does not curse non-Jews.     
  Genesis 16:12: says, “he will be like a wild donkey”: it is the second son [religious] that brings morality to human affairs.       
  Genesis 16:16 states: Abraham was 86 when Ishmael was born, representing a product of sex seen with the two eyes. 
       Isaac was born by the power of God. 
        Ishmael, Abraham's first son by Hagar, and Isaac, Abraham's second son by Sarah, represent the carnal man and the religious man.   
     Genesis 25:7 states: Abraham was 175, when he died, representing not a historical man. He was a true cabalistic figure.    
​      Ishmael had twelve sons, representing gave birth to different types of good and bad carnal minded men.
    Isaac had two sons: Esau and Jacob, he had twelve sons, representing gave birth to different types of good and bad religious minded men.
  God hated Esau, representing the criminal minded. He hated Jacob and plotted to kill him [Gen. 27:41-42].
  Part of the hajj, pilgrims walk [or run] seven times between mount Safa and mount Marwah, representing using your seven senses to determine which spirit of the world you want to serve: carnal or divine: the correct interpretation: both are right. Climbing these hills, represents both require effort; therefore, desire is essential. Drinking from this well, named Beer-lahai-roi, represents understanding this principle is fundamental to the vitality of the earth: two right choices.   
     In fundamental Islam the carnal man is the infidel, that should be killed; if, he does convert to Islam: that is a Gigantic Blunder.   
     That is undeniable bigotry.   
​      There is no evidence that Mohammad understood the miracle of the five loaves and two fishes in the New Testament (i.e., the knowledge of the two good sexual spirits of the world). Islam teaches: one— those who believe and practice Islam—or Muslims.   
     The author of the Koran had limited knowledge and understanding—although, [divinely] inspired. That is evident.     
   One Truth of the Koran: “No soul burdened with sin can carry the burden [sin] of another” [17:15]: Christians should meditate on that.  
       Some believe: Jesus fulfilled the law for us.     
   I will also say this: some of sayings of Muhammad are also allegorical and should not be taken literally.  
    The Koran says, “God created man from water” [25:54]: that is true; originally, life began in the ocean or water of the earth; then, evolved. 
      The Day of Resurrection in the Koran is wrong: an event; when, all are resurrected at the same time: not individually—at death.   
     Or, maybe, that is a misinterpretation. 
     The Koran is not a perfect document—it is what Muhammad [or the author]—thought was the will of Allah—based on his limited knowledge and mystical experience.  It does not contain a description of the higher [or divine] law.
  Whereas, the Hebrew Bible does.
  It is the design of the Temple of Solomon which contained the articles of the sanctuary of Moses inside. It is quite enlightening.
  That is lacking in the Koran.
  There has been hundreds, if not thousands, of more enlightened men since Mohammad [and some before].
  He was something like Joseph Smith: not perfect.
  The real author of the Koran may have been Abu Bakr, his friend.
  Mohammad represented his divine inspiration by Gabriel.
  The cave in the mountain where this took place represents the interior of the skull and spirit.
  His companion scribes represented the ability to convert inspired thoughts into writing or the Arabic language.
  Uthman ibn Affan compiled the first standard written copy.
  The text is -- really-- very rudimentary.
  The author of the Koran did not have the advantage of the translation of other sacred books, the Kabbalah, the Hermetic science, Egyptian hieroglyphs, etc. --and a modern university education [or good library for research].
          The New Testament is not sufficient for the modern world either--or the 21st century: that is why there is a Second Coming.

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